Insulin – Mix

A lot of type-I diabetic patients in the country do not have an idea on what is the mix all about. You keep pumping a biphasic mix (30/70) twice a day and that’s it.  One portion of the mix being short acting and other a long acting do their job in the body as per the percentage and hence towards end of the day, the long acting would have exhausted and the short acting would have definitely exhausted if it was more than 2 hours since the shot was taken.

Now i get up in the morning and check my blood glucose without consumption of food and damn, it’s high to the tune of 200. This was alarming and hence started a new insulin regime where i take a separate long acting (basal or baseline) called Lantus  from Aventis and a Fast acting known as Lispro(100) Humalog from Eli Lily. They worked perfectly fine and i am a happy camper.  This combination worked very well for me but do see your doctor/endocrinologist as there were some side effects reported for Lantus in the long run as seen from an article reported a couple of years ago.

Note that the long acting lantus is potential for 24 hours while the Lispro-100 has a potential of about 2 hours. So it is not as to how many times you are poking the insulin pen but how many times the glucometer reports a number less than 100. Keep Mixing and take control of your Type-1 Diabetes.