Decoding Human Genome & Obesity

New England Journal of Medicine reported that there is no direct correlation between Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes. Until the recent past we all religiously believed that the obese had a greater chance for Type-2 Diabetes. I am not emphasising on the fruits derived from the human genome project but to actually look at the current state. Cancer, Diabetes and other Autoimmune diseases are definitely on the rise despite the decoding of human genome.

It is also said that it is the current ‘you’  is responsible for the genetics of your body. What you eat, State of mind, State of relationships, Gut equilibrium all are encompassed in the subjects such as Epigenomics, Nutrigenomics and Metaproteomics respectively. The human gut hosts an overwhelming number of genes from associated micro organisms and this is a fundamental premise that forms basis for your physique, cancer susceptibility and overall health. Roughly around 500 cancer controlling genes were effected due to the consumption of whole plant foods.

On a related note, behavioral Genetics has proven to have a high rate of false positives and hence rather than examining 1000’s of SNPs (Genome Wide Association Studies-GWAS), there are just 6 SNPs that are being used to  determine the social behavioural traits of an individual.

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