Sweet Route and Frozen Shoulders

In the last few years, I have come across a lot of people I know personally who have become SWEET around forty years of age. I mean they are diagnosed of DIABETES. Initially, I also thought it was a coincidence. But of late I am convinced that the numbers are increasing by the day. According to one statistics there were around 31 million people diagnosed of diabetes in the year 2000 in India alone!! So imagine the number in 2011!!!. Luckily for me I get a regular battery of blood investigations done every six months and ‘touch wood’ I am SUGAR FREE!!. I had a neighbor back home who was diabetic and on irregular treatment and improper diet. So at any of the functions or parties, if anyone forced sweet meat, he used to request whether we are ready to LEND HIM A SHOULDER(He meant to carry his body to the crematorium). Then, one day he passed away due to renal failure, one of the problems we come across on the SWEET ROUTE. Unfortunately, I was not there to lend him a shoulder. I think at the rate the population is taking the SWEET ROUTE we might find a lot of FROZEN SHOULDERS.