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Docturnal Private Limited, established in April 2016, is a point of care screening for Lung health with a focus on Infectious diseases. Our flagship product is TimBre – a solution for TB screening and detection. Docturnal’s product portfolio also includes solutions for Pneumonia, Covid19 & COPD/Asthma (managing exacerbations) with a pipeline of lung based ailments that can be identified by an aural component.

Docturnal products are designed to make detection of diseases easy and hassle free. Essentially it means being accessible and affordable to the last mile.

Endorsed by IIIT-H, Axilor, AIRmaker Singapore, AIM Smart City, Startup Nexus, Mumbai Angels, BIRAC & FICCI (Millennium Alliance).

Currently partnering with Confirmatory diagnostic providers offering RT-PCR. All of our solutions have undergone third party clinical validation.

Docturnal products have joined India’s fight against diseases that are listed as the top reasons for death in developing nations.



Provide Acoustic solutions for a prioritized range of Lung Ailments (Pulmonology) across Pediatric, Adult & Geriatric population using Cough Sounds as a bio marker & expand into Voice for detecting Neurological Ailments & beyond


Meet Our Team

Rahul Pathri

Founder, CEO



Balakrishna Bagadi

Co-founder, CTO


Bala Bagadi

Ram Samudrala



                       Ram Samudrala

Shekhar Jha

Consultant, Data Analyst




Hyderabad (India) | Austin (USA)